The Theme State of the 33rd Surajkund International Crafts Mela-2019, Maharashtra, presented a scintillating Fashion Show, showcasing the richness of Maharashtra’s traditional styles.

  • Chandigarh, Feb 10- The Theme State of the 33rd Surajkund International Crafts Mela-2019, Maharashtra, presented a scintillating Fashion Show, showcasing the richness of Maharashtra’s traditional styles. The Fashion show took the audience back in time to  18th Century in the first round. The models sashayed down the ramps in traditional clothes of the 'Katkari Samaj'. The male models displayed the Dhoti and female models adorned the 'kashtha' costumes.
  • The second round of the fashion show stepped into the 19th Century, which presented the famous ‘Nauwari’ saari also called the 9 yard saari. The Nauwari saari during the time was a part of the Lavani culture and was a part of the traditional attire worn for the Lavani dance. Models wore the Nauwari saari in the most colourful forms with intricate traditional border-work. The male models displayed the traditional Dhoti coupled with Kurta, traditional Hats, etc that was a part of the traditional wear of the 19th Century Maharashtra. 
  • In the next round, the Fashion show lead to contemporary times, where the traditional dresses got the modern hues, transforming traditional threads into fashion statements. This round focused on the Groom and Bridal wear. The traditional Lehangas wore a royal look and shimmered with intricate works of traditional embroidery. The male models too walked the ramp wearing cotton silk Kurtas teamed up with Pajyama, Churidars, Coats and Sherwanis.
  • The Chaupal was echoing with laughter’s of the audience when the stalwarts from the world of humour and satire came together for Hasya kavi Sammelan. The much-awaited event saw hoards of people grabbing the seats at the amphitheatre to see their favourite poets. Many renowned names like Surender Sharma, Sardar Manjeet Singh, Budhi Prakash Dadhich, Dr. Surender Dubey, Suresh Awasthi and Gajender Solanki. Each artist in his own unique way made the audience laugh on their satire and jokes on various topics.      
  • The weekend started on a high note at Surajkund Mela with a galaxy of visitors filling every nook and corner of the Mela premises.  As more and more visitors came to the mela, the atmosphere garnered even more energy and colour. From cultural performances by  foreign nations like Egypt, Uganda, Syria, Tajikistan and Thailand to the foot tapping shows by Punjab's and Maharashtra's folk singers and dancers kept the Chaupal packed.  Shoppers and patrons of art and craft were seen holding huge shopping bags and smiles on their faces. It was a busy day for all craftspersons as people thronged to buy their exquisite products.
  • Mr. Kailash from Rajasthan, has brought one of the most unique works of art and exceptional talent in the form of miniature Mughal paintings. He said, the entire process of making these paintings involve one-hair brush and tedious hours and months to make a masterpiece. Many details in the paintings are so intricate and minute that one needs a magnifying glass to see them in full detail. Mr. Kailash said, this is a traditional work handed down generations and they have further added innovative mediums to promote this art. Another artist Mr. Gopal Prasad Sharma has also brought the same art from Rajasthan. He said,  with enthusiasm that 'his work is unique because of the creativity and the finest detail involved in making it" 
  • Ms. Pushpa Bakat from West Bengal has brought one of the most fascinating handicraft talent with fish scales. Her entire work is made from Rohu and Katla fish scales which are glued together to make artistic masterpieces. Her works include highly detailed decorations, Gautam Budhha under a tree and the Krishan Arjun Rath which is making visitors stop at her shop at the first look.  She said, her creations take few days to months to complete and for this work and she has won the state award thrice.
  • Surajkund is a mélange of arts and crafts and a must visit place for admirers of such talent.