Production Section

Publication is the most visible and vital medium of publicity which provides information to the target groups of all the Public Relations disciplines. The printed word is a very important medium of communication and a powerful manipulator of public opinion in our society. In view of the importance of the published material, the Government of India has established a separate wing/section called the Production Division. On a similar pattern, the Production Section was created in the Department of IPR for preparation and publishing of printed material for publicizing the policies and achievements of the Government.

The Section is headed by a Joint Director rank Officer, assisted by a Deputy Director. Information and Public Relations Officers (Hindi/English) along with editorial staff assist in planning and production of printed publicity material. This Section is further interlinked with other Sections of the Directorate such as the Art Section which provides the designing expertise. The Production section involves a specialized nature of job where literary and professional staff members having creative ability as well as credibility contribute in preparation of various jobs. These literary task personnel help to achieve the objective of dissemination of information in a better and a more professional manner.

The Section has been set up to publish and distribute a variety of informative publicity literature including Fortnightly Wall Newspaper - ‘Jai Haryana’, CM Speeches, Governor Addresses/Obituary Resolutions during Vidhan Sabha Sessions, Telephone Charts, Telephone Directories, Booklets, Pamphlets, Brochures, Leaflets, Planners, Posters, Visiting Cards, Invitation Cards and pro-actively involvement in the designing and production of New Year Calendars and dairies of the Govertment of Haryana.

To prepare features, articles and advertisement text for Media:

To prepare features, articles and advertisement text matter for media is a very crucial job and important responsibility of this Section. It is a specialized nature of job where literary and professional staff having creative ability as well as credibility contribute in preparation of features, articles and advertisement. In order to disseminate various kinds of information in an effective manner the Production Section creatively prepares features, articles and advertisement for Media to highlight policies, schemes and programmes of the State Government. This Section forwards the material thus prepared to the Art Section for designing and art work for features, articles and advertisements.

Major Publications of this Section:

‘Jai Haryana’ fortnightly– This fortnightly wall newspaper is an informative in-house publication of the Department. Being a regular feature of this Section, it has created credibility among the people of the State.

Telephone Directory/Chart – This publication is a regular feature that provides exhaustive information regarding all the Telephone Numbers, Residential and Official Addresses of the VIP’s, Government Departments, Institutions and Undertakings and the entire staff working in the State.

District Wise Booklet (To Know Your District) – This Section also prepares, updates and produces illustrated information in the form of a District Wise Booklet entitled ‘To Know Your District’, containing cultural, historical, administrative and other important information about all the Districts of the State.

Annual Calendar/Deluxe/Ordinary Diaries of Government of Haryana – The Production Section is pro-actively involved in the designing and production of Annual Calendars and Diaries of the Government of Haryana.

Booklet/Folders/Brochures containing progress/achievements – The text matter regarding developmental policies and achievements of various Departments is being prepared/drafted and printed in the shape of Folders/Brochures/Booklets.

Haryana At A Glance– This is a short and very important Administrative/Current Census Data/Information of the entire State in the shape of folder or Brochure entitled ‘Haryana At a Glance’ and is being brought out in both in Hindi and English languages.

Occasional Folders/Brochures/Posters– Production Section prepares Folders/Brochures/ Posters containing Chief Minister’s Message on various occasions i.e. Republic Day, Independence Day, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Day, Haryana War and Heroes Day/Martyrs Day, Shahid Bhagat Singh Day and the New Year Message on behalf of Hon’ble Chief Minister.

Governor Address and Obituary Resolution – This Section is responsible for quality printing of Governor Address to be delivered during the Assembly Sessions and also performs the work of layout designing and proof reading of Obituary Resolutions in both Hindi and English languages.

Speeches – The Section is also responsible for publication of Hon’ble Chief Minister’s speeches to be delivered on various occasions. The designing and printing of speeches for important and prestigious conferences and meetings is regularly undertaken.

Miscellaneous Jobs – Besides this, Production Section is also required to undertake the printing of CM’s Invitation Cards/Greeting Cards/Visiting Cards and Envelops, Press Cutting Sheets, Fax Message Sheets for the use of Delhi, Chandigarh and District Offices and Slip pads etc. Review and purchase of various Books for District Information Centres is also done. Special informative publications/booklets/folders are produced on occasions such as the Pehowa Mela, Kurukshetra Solar Eclipse Mela and Geeta Jayanti.

The Production Section disseminates information by designing and printing publications and ensuring their distribution among the target masses. Although most of its activities can be forecast and planned for proper execution of the job but the last minute action cannot be predicted in advanced. The planning for regular periodical publications can be done in advance and a calendar of yearly activities (month wise) must be prepared by the Head of the Section. For quality and timely publications the Printing and Stationery Department must be informed and involved in advance. The officials of the Section should have an adequate working knowledge of modern printing process, computer typing, designing, paper quality and technology concerning the said procedure.

For our publications to be effective, these must be read by all the people for whom they are intended and must reach the target groups. For that purpose the following steps will be found helpful: § Section should prepare a proper distribution plan among the target groups and maintain a master-list of all addressees who are to receive the publications timely. § It should carry out random support checks with the help of District Level Officers or Field Staff of the Directorate and verify physical receipt of the publicity material by the intended address. Publications of the Government activities are a permanent record from where some reference, information or assistance could be obtained as and when required. In fact, publications of this Section are considered as very authentic sources of information. Many competitors of the Union and State Services Examinations and research scholars of various universities make use of these publications resultantly creating more scope for publicity of the Government.